To take part in an analysis implies that we challenge our contemporary  assumptions about time and money.

 An analysis is not a quick fix but a process that takes some time.  As such, an analysis does not have a pre-determined  time frame or outcome, but it is rather an ongoing process where analyst and analysand are involved.

 An analysis might help you:

      to learn to listen to yourself more carefully.

     to discover the particular conflictual patterns and dynamics that drive you.

 to ease your anxieties.

   to find simple solutions to the scenarios that haunt you.

Above all, an analysis aims at acting upon the cause that makes us repeat painful experiences and this usually requires  — on part of both, the analyst and the analisand — perseverance, courage and patience.

  In the initial appointment  your particular reasons for starting analysis as well as the frequency of sessions, the form of the work and the payment are often discussed.  Payment has a symbolic value in the analytic treatment, therefore the payment is decided case by case and in relation to the circumstances of each person. 

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